Essential Oil Safe Use

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts with powerful biological effects. Nearly all essential oils are intended to be diluted before use on the skin, as they may cause irritation if applied directly.

Please read the safety directions accompanying each essential oil product before using it. The more your self-education, the better.

  • Follow instructions on the label or after consulting with your aromatherapist.
  • Always dilute essential oils before applying to skin to avoid irritation.
  • Particular essential oils may disagree with your particular skin. You can do a patch test on a small area before using more of that oil.
  • Essential oils can trigger allergies. Discontinue use if any irritation develops.
  • Essential oils are not generally safe to swallow except under the guidance of a trained professional.
  • Pregnant women should avoid certain essential oils like clary sage. Consult your doctor before using oils.
  • Some oils, such as lemon, cause photosensitivity. Applying lemon to the skin and then spending the day in the sun can result in sunburn.

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